MT2014 : IT Office Newsletter : “Coming Up” to Oxford

Yes – I know this is a long Newsletter but it is worth your while to read it carefully.

FRESHERS – Welcome to the Queen’s College!

RETURNERS – Welcome back!

The start of another academic year – a busy time for students, academics and College staff, so here are some useful pointers for coming up.


• P2P



College has wireless in all College buildings.  You will see that there are several networks available.

QueensWifi – is for Fellows and College Staff.
OWL – is the Oxford Wireless LAN which is available to everyone in Oxford, you need a REMOTE ACCESS account and run VPN client software to get connected.
Eduroam – is available all over Oxford (Colleges and Departments) as well as other academic institutions around the UK and the rest of the world.

We strongly recommend that Fellows, Students and Staff connect laptops and smartphones to the Eduroam wireless network because once configured you can get free Internet access all over the place (including the JR Hospital) without having to reconfigure for different networks.  You can download a simple setup program that helps configure Windows and Mac OS X for Eduroam. See link below for setting up iPhone / iPad and Android devices.

First you need to register for a REMOTE ACCESS account here :
(If you are a returner and have forgotten your REMOTE ACCESS password then you can reset it on the above URL.)

Once you have your REMOTE ACCESS credentials you can configure Eduroam easily using the Oxford University’s Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (Eduroam CAT) which is a simple program which you can download from :

Learn more about Eduroam CAT on the IT Office blog :

Setting up iPhone / iPad on Eduroam :

Setting up Android 4 on Eduroam :

2) ANTI-VIRUS – Make sure your Anti-Virus software is up-to-date.

FRESHERS – you can get Sophos Anti-Virus software FREE whilst you are a member of the University.

Get Sophos Anti-Virus here:

3) FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 – IT Services have negotiated a fantastic offer with Microsoft and Every student can now download and use Microsoft Office 365 for FREE. Sign in with your OXFORD SSO (Nexus) credentials and download Microsoft Office 365 here :
(Hint – the sign-in link is in the top right hand corner of the webpage 😉

4) SECURITY UPDATES AND PATCHES – Make sure your computer has all the latest software and security updates – ie “Microsoft Windows Updates” and “Apple Software Updates”

5) PEER TO PEER FILE SHARING – REMEMBER you can save yourself over £100 in Decanal fines by making sure your Peer to Peer (P2P) and File Sharing software is uninstalled.

6) BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP – Make sure you have backed up all your work during the Vacation and also have a backup plan for the new term. Remember – a backup is AT LEAST a second copy of your work. Need some backup advice? Then come and have a chat with us in the IT Office during our Student IT Open Hour which is Monday to Thursday from 2.15 – 3.15pm during full term (Weeks 1 to 8).

7) DISASTER MAY STRIKE AT ANY TIME – Make sure you have packed your computer’s Backup and Recovery DVDs.
Viruses are getting very sophisticated and very nasty. If you get a virus or malware infection the only guaranteed method of “cleaning” your system is to format the hard disk and re-install EVERYTHING. This is why your computer’s Recovery disks and regular backups are so important.

The IT Office can offer advice on creating backup and recovery disks – so come and talk to us – preferably BEFORE you start having problems.

So please take note – if you get a virus and Sophos Anti-Virus can not remove it, you will be expected to reinstall your system.

8) PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES – Pack all your computer equipment in a good strong box so things don’t get lost, forgotten or broken in transit. [ Remember your computer’s Backup and Recovery DVDs! ]

9) POWER – Don’t forget all your power supplies and chargers – laptop, mobile phone, assorted cables and adapters. Put them in your box now (see 8 above).

10) TAKE NOTE – FRESHERS – Bring a pen and notepad – there is a lot to remember and it’s best to write it down!  Research shows that people remember and learn stuff far better when they have written it down on a piece of paper. You can of course then transcribe your written notes onto your computer – which gives you another opportunity to read and remember stuff! Great!

11) PRINTING – You can submit print jobs by sending an email with a PDF, Word or Excel attachment to :

Then use your University Card barcode number to release the print job from the Moffatt Room photocopiers.

Learn more about printing and the College computer room here :

12) IT’S GOOD TO TALK – The IT Office is here to help – but please don’t leave your problems to the very last minute because, like you, we are all very busy!

We have a new face in the IT Office; Mrs Linda King joined Chris and me during the Summer vacation, there are still a few things for her to learn so please bear with us as we all settle into a busy term.

So from Linda, Chris and me in the IT Office we wish you all a very successful Michaelmas Term 2014.