In order to save some money and the Planet, try creating PDF documents which have two pages per A4 sheet. This is easy to do in Microsoft Word.

Convert a Microsoft Word document to a PDF with two pages per A4 sheet

  1. Create a new document in Microsoft Word
  2. Spend your day adding words and tables etc – and generally doing some work.
    1. Remember to Save the document regularly!
  3. When you have finished with your document then you can create a PDF copy
  4. Go to File >> Print
  5. Select the printer – Microsoft Print to PDF
  6. And then select 2 Pages Per Sheet
  7. Now Click Print
  8. You will be prompted to Save the document – so give it a name and save it to your Documents folder or at least somewhere you can find it again!

You now have a PDF with two pages per an A4 sheet

If you now open the new PDF in a PDF reader you will see that there are two pages side by side.

  1. Send the PDF to
  2. Then go to the Moffatt Room or Library to release the print job
  3. You can save even more paper and cost if you print the document double-sided (Duplex).
    1. We would recommend you select flip on Short-Edge, otherwise your pages will be upside-down.

Hope this proves useful!