Back Quad 6 Ground Floor

  • Due to Coronavirus restrictions the Moffatt Room computers should not be used – the keyboards and mice have been removed.
  • 8 x Microsoft Windows computers running Windows 10
  • Use OXFORD SSO logon credentials
    • Make sure that the “Log on to:” field is set to OX.AC.UK (Kerberos Realm)
  • Printing via two large capacity photocopiers


Back Quad 5 Ground Floor

  • Due to Coronavirus restrictions the Berners-Lee room has been closed.
  • Empty desks for personal laptops with ethernet cables or wireless
  • Eduroam wireless available

Please Note: Both computer rooms are also used by lecturers and visiting academics. Please help keep the rooms clean and tidy. Paperwork and books left lying around overnight will be removed by the scouts in the morning.


Are you sitting comfortably?

Download a PDF with information on how to sit at a computer. The PDF explains how to set your chair, screen and environment so you can work without injuring yourself.

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Poster