To access the College’s wired network you need to authenticate your computer using 802.1x authentication. (If only it had a more user-friendly name!)

You just need to make a couple of changes to your computer and then type in your REMOTE ACCESS (Eduroam) credentials to authenticate. Don’t worry you don’t need to type your username and password every time you connect to the network! Your computer will remember your credentials.

We have created some videos to help you configure your computer.

  1. Register for a REMOTE ACCESS account (exact same account you use for Eduroam wireless).
  2. Enable and configure 802.1x on your computer (YouTube links below)
    1. Windows 10 (YouTube)     Windows 10 (PDF)
    2. Mac OS X – (PDF)
  3. Get online

Got a Games Console?

Click here for information on how to register a Games Console