The Microsoft Authenticator app is the University’s recommended and supported application for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). However, the Microsoft Authenticator app is only available for smartphones.

(It is easiest to have a smartphone AND a computer to setup the Authenticator app; because you need your smartphone to scan a QR code – so the code needs to be on a screen which your phone camera to see!)

Part 1
On your smartphone device

  • Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on to your smartphone / device.

Do not do anything else with the app for the time being – do not try to login

Part 2
Now return to your computer and open a web browser

  • Visit the Microsoft Security Info page:

Login with your OXFORD SSO credentials using the username format –

  • Click the +Add Method button

  • Use the dropdown list and select Authenticator app and then click Add
  • When the web page prompts you to go back to Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone

  • Press Next and you should be given a QR code for your phone to scan.


Part 3
On your smartphone device

Please note – if this is the very first account you are setting up on the authenticator app then you may have a screen asking you to login or to scan a QR code.

In which case just press Scan QR code

  • Open the Authenticator app and press the + sign in the top right corner to add a new account.

  • Now select add Work or school account

  • When prompted select Scan QR code.
    (You may need to enable the Microsoft Authenticator app access to your device’s camera.)

  • Scan QR code

  • Once successful the website will send a test authentication request – just Approve the request within the app.