Game consoles are made to be compatible with consumer network configuration such as your standard home wireless router. These devices do not support WPA2 Enterprise or 802.1X used by Eduroam, however, we now offer QC-MyRoom for personal wireless devices, so give that a try first.

If your game console does not support wireless then you may be able to connect via an Ethernet cable to the data socket in your room. All you need to do is register your wired device with the IT Office manually (if your console supports wireless then check out QC-MyRoom).
Please email with:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your OXFORD SSO username
  3. Building and Room number
  4. Ethernet Network Port number
  5. Console type (eg Xbox One, Playstation 4)
  6. Console Ethernet MAC address.
    MAC addresses have letters and/or numbers and will be in the format 00:00:00:00:00:00 (sometimes the colons are displayed as dashes)

Below is a list of some popular consoles with guidance on how to find their MAC Addresses.

1. From the main screen, arrow up until you see the XMB menus
2. Scroll across to Settings
3. Select Network
4. Select View Connection Status
5. Your MAC address (LAN Cable) will then be displayed on the screen

1. From the main menu, select Settings
2. Select System Settings
3. Select System Information
4. Your MAC address will then be displayed on the screen
PLAYSTATION 2 – original
1. If you’ve added a network port, you will need the Network Startup Disc or Network Access Disc to find the MAC address
2. Turn on the console with the disc in the disc tray
3. When the connection testing fails, press the Select button on the controller for help
4. The MAC address should be displayed in a Help prompt
PLAYSTATION 2 – slimline
1. Turn on the console without a disc in the drive
2. From the Main Menu, press the Triangle button to display the System Information screen
3. The MAC address will be displayed on this screen
Microsoft XBOX ONE
1. If you are signed in to your profile then go to My Games & Apps
2. select Settings
3. Select Network
4. select Advanced Settings
5. The MAC address (Wired MAC) is displayed in the right hand of this screen
Microsoft XBOX 360
1. From the My Xbox channel > go to System Settings
2. select Network Settings > Configure Network > Additional Settings > Advanced Settings
Here you will find your wired MAC address
Microsoft XBOX
1. From the Xbox Dashboard, select Main Menu > Settings
2. Select Network Settings
3. The MAC address is displayed in the lower right hand corner of this screen
Nintendo Switch
Learn about QC-MyRoom and how to connect your personal wireless devices.
Otherwise, if you want to use a wired connection then you will need a USB Ethernet adapter. Nintendo only officially support USB-A ethernet adapters via the dock.
However, there are references online that USB-C works when connected directly to the console. When considering to buy an adapter we strongly recommend you search for devices that say they are compatible with Nintendo Switch.
If you have a TV – then it is best to use a “USB-A to ethernet adapter” via the dock (Nintendo official adapter)
If you don’t have a TV, then try a “USB-C to ethernet adapter” straight into console (but make sure you find a device which says it is compatible)