User is being prompted for MFA Repeatedly!

If you are repeatedly asked to verify your account after having MFA enabled then be because you had other applications open during the switch over and this has caused an authentication loop. For instance MS Teams on your smartphone, OneDrive, Outlook (or other email client) running whilst MFA was going through the enablement scripts.

Repeated MFA prompts are not normal behaviour.

Here is something to try:

  1. Exit all applications that use OXFORD SSO (Web browser, Outlook, Word, Teams)
  2. Ensure applications on your phone are also quitted
  3. Launch one web browser and access a favoured SSO service (eg )
  4. Launch desktop application – MS Outlook then go to:
    • File > Office Account > Sign out > Sign in and go through the prompts
  5. Launch other applications like Word and Excel. This should stop the multiple prompts for MFA.

For more information on how often you should get prompted, please read MFA Conditional Access Policies (CAP).