You can get online via wireless or wired connection but both need REMOTE ACCESS credentials.

Your REMOTE ACCESS account and OXFORD SSO (Nexus) account share the same username, BUT, they MUST have different passwords.


Register for a REMOTE ACCESS account at :

You can register for a REMOTE ACCESS account before coming to Oxford. You can also get to the above REMOTE ACCESS registration page by connecting to the OWL wireless network and then opening a web browser.


The College offers two wireless networks – Eduroam and OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN).

Eduroam is an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other participating institutions and use the same username and password as they would use at their home institution. Eduroam is available throughout Oxford Colleges and Departments and some 6,000 other “hotspots” world wide.

OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN) is an Oxford only network and requires a Cisco VPN client to be installed on your computer.

Learn more about wireless network access


Wired network access is available in College. Your computer must authenticate with the network using your REMOTE ACCESS credentials. You will need to make some configuration changes to your computer to enable the 802.1x service.

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The Cisco VPN software used for OWL can also be used on other networks. For instance your home broadband or an “insecure” coffee shop or dodgy Internet café’s wi-fi zone. You can use VPN to give you a more trusted connection into the Oxford network or simply to access certain “Oxford University ONLY” services.

Learn more about the IT Services VPN Service –


The College has a several Graduate properties which use third party Internet providers for Internet access. If you are having issues with your College Broadband then please let the IT Office know.


If you have a games console then you will need to register it with IT Office manually.
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