The creation of your University Card marks the beginning of your time at Oxford.

The University Card is not just an ID card, it allows you access to Oxford Libraries, visit other Colleges, it is a digital door key, a discount card and an indication of your current University membership status ie Undergraduate, Graduate, Member of Congregation, College Staff, Retiree etc

Learn more about University Card Office services – Lost, Damaged or Stolen cards

Renewing an expiring University Card

You will receive an email many days before your University Card expires – leaving your card expire creates hassle for you and a lot of work for College staff.

If your card expires then you not only lose access to your email and other online services, but you will find yourself locked out of College buildings.
Do not ignore the renewal email!

Who to contact for advice:

  • Academics – contact the College Office for advice
    • Who submits the renewal application will depend on your primary association – this could be the College or your Department.
  • College Staff – contact the Domestic Bursar’s Administrator
  • Students – contact the College Office for advice
  • Retired members of College – contact the College Office in the first instance