University Estates Services updated the retiree card policy on 1st February 2012.

  • Cards signed off by the College will be returned to the College for collection of the old card and distribution of the new card.
  • Cards signed off by both the department and/or college will be returned to the department for collection of the old card and distribution of the new card.

Please visit the Estates Services website for information about how to apply for a retiree’s card and discover the different card types available –

Key points:

  1. A form must be submitted to the Card Office in ALL cases
  2. A £15 payment must be paid via the Online Store for every card issued / reissued or replaced. (The only exception to this is stolen cards)
  3. You only need to authorise cards where a college or department affiliation is needed
  4. The Card Office will collate the application form and online payment and then verify that you are in receipt of a University Pension.

Basically, you need to visit the Estates website mentioned above to download and complete the application form, then send it to the College Office and/or Department. They will then send the application to the Card Office once they have received confirmation from the Card Office that you have paid the £15 fee.

University Software for Retirees

Retirees are entitled to acquire the following software licences:

  • VPN
  • EndNote
  • SPSS
  • NVivo

Unfortunately, the University is unable to provide licences for any Microsoft or Sophos products.