The College has two high capacity photocopiers located in the Moffatt Room (and another in the Library).

(NB – Personal printer for your room – You can bring your own printer but be aware that wireless printers will only work when registered with QC-MyRoom. Wireless printers do NOT work with Eduroam. So either register for QC-MyRoom or use a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer. Better still is to use the College photocopiers in the Moffatt room and Library – it actually works out cheaper than a home inkject printer.

Please send your print jobs as PDF documents via

Login to the Moffatt Room computers using your OXFORD SSO (Nexus) credentials and send your document to the printer called SecureRelease.

Viewing the SecureRelease Print Queue on the Moffatt Room computer displays the actual Server Print Queue.  Your document is ready to print from the photocopier once it is listed in the queue and marked as “Paused – Restarting”. Because you send documents to the Server Print Queue you will see other people’s print jobs on SecureRelease waiting to be released – this does not affect you or them.  You can only print (or delete) your own print jobs.

To login to the photocopier to release your print job just place your University Card on the card reader to the left of the photocopiers screen. There is a microchip inside your card which will activate your login and your documents will be shown on the display.

All students receive a free annual printing quota for documents printed on the College photocopiers. Your balance is displayed on the photocopier when you login / print. Any document printed over your quota will be charged to your Batells at the end of Trinity Term.

UNDERGRADUATES – free print quota = £25.00 (equivalent to 500 black&white pages per year)

GRADUATES – free print quota = £50.00 (equivalent to 1,000 black&white pages per year)

  • Side note for Graduates and Academics – you have two email addresses which are directed to a single inbox, (College email address AND a Departmental email address).  The printing service is initially configured to use your Queen’s email address only. If your preferred sending address is your department then please let the IT Office know and we can add both addresses to your printing record.
  • If you want to change your Preferred Sending email address, then you can by visiting and selecting “Preferred email address settings”.


  • A4 Black & White = £0.05p
  • A4 Colour = £0.15p
  • A3 Black & White = £0.10p
  • A3 Colour = £0.30p
  • Duplex (double side printing) receive a discount of £0.01p per side
    • for example a 15 page document printed in Black & White duplex = (15 x £0.05) – (14 x £0.01p) = £0.61p


You can check your printing quota / balance by logging into one of the Multi-Function Device Photocopiers in the Moffatt Room or Library. The balance is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.


Once your free printing quota is depleted then you can continue to print, however, your balance will show a negative figure. At the end of Trinity Term each year, any amount over your quota will be charged to your Batells. If you do any printing over the Summer Vacation on the College MFD then this will be allocated against your next academic year printing quota.

Learn how you can half your printing costs by printing two pages per A4 sheet


You can also submit Word and PDF documents for printing via email.

Send your document as an email attachment to the following email address:

NB – Mobile Print email address must be in the TO: or CC: field.
Documents will not be collected for printing if you send using the BCC: field.

Once submitted you can then visit the photocopiers and release your print job.

Moffatt Room Canon MFD – Red Flashing Error light – Load Paper

Sometimes the Canon Multi-Function Devices (MFD) don’t recognise the correct paper size. This generally happens with PDF documents. Therefore you are prompted to load the “correct paper”. You just need to tell the MFD to take the paper from a tray which has A4 (or whatever the correct paper tray has the correct size).

YouTube video on how to deal with the flashing red light error.