Flashback Trojan – Malware now available


You may have read recently in the media that over 650,000 Apple Macs are now thought to be infected with the Flashback trojan worldwide. The infection comes from a vulnerbility in Java on the Mac. Other operating systems were patched by their makers weeks ago. Apple now have updated patches for Java so all Apple Mac users should run Software Updates… to make sure that you have the latest security patches.

Are you infected with the Flashback trojan?
You can check whether you have a Flashback infection by running Flashback Checker :


If you do have Flashback then the Anti-Virus company F-Secure has a free Flashback Removal Tool available from :


Flashback contains an information stealing element which involves intercepting and modifying web pages when viewed with popular web browsers. This means that users with infected computers MUST reset their passwords (ie University passwords as well as any other password to any website that you have used with that computer).

OUCS Security Team (OxCERT) has informed us that there are three infections in College but this number is sure to rise as more people starts wandering back to Oxford. If you have Mac then please run the Flashback Checker before returning to Oxford and get those Software Updates installed as well!