TT2014 : Friday 6th Week : Finalists and Leavers


Here is some information about what happens to your email and SSO account once you have finished your exams.


So what will happen once you have completely finished at Oxford?

You will be able to receive your University email via Nexus for one month following completion of your course, with *optional* email forwarding for an additional two months.

This means that if you set up email forwarding to an external email account (e.g. Google Mail or Yahoo!) then you will be able to receive your University emails for up to three months following the end date on your University card. After the three months are up your University email account will be disabled.

Your Single Sign-On (SSO) account will however be available for 11 months following the completion of their course in order for you to access University systems such as Student Self Service and GSS.

I have put some (hopefully useful) information on our IT webpage for Finalists / Leavers :

Get your email out of Nexus before it expires :

BONUS MATERIAL  – for anyone who wants to get a job one day I’ve put together some interesting Podcasts for applying to jobs, interviews and managing people effectively :

Hope this helps.

All the best and good luck for the future.