Eduroam stops connecting on MacOS having worked fine previously

The University has updated some security certificates and now some people need to reset stuff to get back online with Eduroam


It is best to remove all traces of Eduroam from your Mac first and then run the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (Eduroam CAT) which will help get you connected.

Can you remember if you used the Eduroam CAT initially?

If you did then there will be an icon in “System Preferences” called “Profiles” on your Mac.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go into Profiles
  3. Remove the Eduroam entry and certificates

Don’t worry if there isn’t a Profiles icon in System Preferences – it just means that you didn’t use the CAT initially. 😉

  1. Back in System Preferences – go to “Network”
  2. Select “Wi-Fi” in the left hand panel and then click “Advanced…” in the right hand panel
  3. You will now see a list of all the wireless networks you have connected to over the years.
  4. Find “eduroam” in the list – then select it (it turns blue) – and then click the “minus sign” to remove it from the list.

Your Mac should now know nothing about Eduroam and you can now start fresh with your connection.

  1. There are two methods of connecting to Eduroam:
    1.  with the Eduroam CAT and
    2. without the Eduroam CAT

You may wish to try without the CAT first. So this is just connecting to Eduroam and then entering your REMOTE ACCESS username and password

REMOTE ACCESS username – unit1234@OX.AC.UK (replace unit1234 with your own Oxford username)

And then your REMOTE ACCESS password — NB This is NOT your Nexus365 email password!

  1. If you want to try the Eduroam CAT then we suggest you look at our guide here:

Hope the above proves useful.