Eduroam – Returning Students to Oxford for Michaelmas 2019


During the Summer, IT Services renewed the University’s certificate used for authenticating to Eduroam Wi-Fi.

On August 20th the previous certificate for connecting to Eduroam Wi-Fi was retired.

If you are having trouble connecting to Eduroam when you get back to Oxford, then it is most probably because of the certificate retirement.

NB – The information below is ONLY if you are having issues connecting to Eduroam.

If you cannot connect to Eduroam

In order to reconnect to Eduroam, you will need to remove any old certificates / profiles from your devices – Learn how here:

If you originally used the Eduroam CAT to setup your Apple Mac and/or iOS device then you will also need to delete the Eduroam Profile.

MacOS – Go to “System Preferences” >> Profiles, Then find the Eduroam Profile and remove it

iOS – Go to “Settings” >> “General”, then scroll to the bottom of the screen to “Profiles” and remove the Eduroam profile.

Once you have removed the old certificates / profiles then you can start your reconnection to Eduroam using the new certificates.

The Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) can help you connect – find instructions here

Additional information for new Graduate students – if you used Eduroam at their previous University then obviously you will need to remove your old institution’s Eduroam certificates as well. Then reconnect to Eduroam using your Oxford REMOTE ACCESS credentials – Learn more here:

Hope the above proves useful.