New, Lost and Broken Phones with MFA

Might you get a new phone or tablet at Christmas .. or maybe during the January Sales (is that still a “thing”?)

Well we have had many people contact us during Michaelmas who have either lost or broken their smartphone (quite a few end up in toilets for some reason) or they have bought a brand new phone and have found that they are locked out of their email because they cannot complete MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Many of you will have setup a MFA for your OXFORD SSO account using the Microsoft Authenticator app, however, what happens when you don’t have access to your old phone? Unfortunately, the Authenticator app does NOT copy across to new devices – it has to be setup fresh on any new phone or tablet. This can be an problem when your smartphone is broken – so what to do?

Probably best you read our latest IT Blog page and learn how to add additional MFA methods :

MFA – two is better than one

Do it now – Before you are locked out of email and Teams over the College Christmas Closure!

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