Microsoft Office for Students and Staff

Oxford University IT Services has managed to get a great deal for students and staff who want a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac OS X.

For Students

The launch of Microsoft Office software for students has started well.

The offer is a three year subscription which means students gets the current version of Microsoft Office (2010 for Windows, 2011 for Mac) AND any new versions released during that three year subscription period so long as you are still a student.  When you finish being a student you are allowed to keep the copy you have forever, but won’t get any more upgrades.

This offer is open for two lots of 30 days. The first 30 started last week and again for 30 days at the start of next term.

If you are a current Oxford student then you simply need to visit and Sign in (using the link at top right of OnTheHub page) using your OXFORD SSO (Nexus) user credentials.  The link to Shibboleth simply confirms that you are a member of the University of Oxford and still a student.  Payment is via credit card or PayPal.

For Staff

This great offer is also available to staff and will be on going, just visit and Sign in (using the link at top right of OnTheHub page) using your OXFORD SSO (Nexus) user credentials to purchase Microsoft Office and Desktop operating systems under the terms of Microsoft’s work at home licensing.  These versions are considerably cheaper than the student versions but don’t have any upgrade assurance period and MUST be removed from machines if employment with the University ends.  As with the student deal, payment is via credit card or PayPal. These transactions are entirely between you and Kivuto (trading as OnTheHub) so all requests for support need to go to or toll free in the UK at 0800 098 8436.

Please note

We understand that the licence is for one computer only. The licence code is a “two-use” Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which means it can be used twice – Once to activate Office on first installation and the second activation is for recovery purposes should you have a problem with your computer and need to reinstall the system from scratch.