Printing News – Part 3 – Setting the correct paper size


There have been many occasions over the last few weeks of the Canon photocopiers flashing up messages about “User intervention required“.

Generally this means that a document has been sent to the printers as Letter (or other non-standard size) rather than A4.

Please double check that your documents are formatted to the correct paper size – i.e. A4.

To check your page size in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 go to :

Page Layout  >> Size >> A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)

Other programs may hid the page size in the menus e.g. File >> Page Setup…

Please do check – especially if you have been sent the document or have downloaded it from a website.  It saves you (and others) time and hassle when it comes to printing out to have the page size set to A4.

ALSO REMEMBER THAT – you can submit documents for printing (from anywhere in the world!) via email attachment.

Send PDF, Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents to :

Then visit the Moffatt Room (within 10 hours) and login to the photocopiers to release the document – after of course selecting your print OPTIONS like number of copies, B/W or Colour and Duplex (Long or Short Edge) printing.