Printing News – Part 2 – Double side printing (DUPLEX)


Printing on both sides of a piece of paper is called Duplex.

You can print on the :

  • Long Edge (Portrait orientation) or
  • Short Edge (Landscape orientation)

(You may also have noticed that single side printing can be called “Simplex”.)

The photocopiers in the Moffatt Room can duplex print.  Here is what you do :

  1. Send your document to print (via email or SecureRelease)
  2. Login to the photocopier with your University Bod Card barcode number
  3. Select your document from the touchscreen on the photocopier
  4. Once your document is highlighted press Options
  5. Under the DUPLEX heading select either Long Edge or Short Edge (depending on the document orientation)
  6. Select any other options – e.g. B/W or Colour, number of copies etc
  7. Press Print & Delete

(Unfortunately we do not have a Stapler or a Hole Punch mechanism fitted.)

Duplex printing not only saves the planet but also saves you money.  You get a £0.01p discount per duplexed page – i.e. a three page monochrome document printed duplex would cost you £0.13p (5p + 5p + 5p – 2p).

Want to save even more money?  Then print two pages per one side of A4 and then duplex (Short Edge) print as well.  Here is how :

  1. Login to one of the computers in the Moffatt Room
  2. Open your document and select Print… (Ctrl+P)
  3. Select SecureRelease as the printer
  4. Click Properties to the right of the SecureRelease printer name
  5. On the Layout tab – change Pages per Sheet to 2
  6. Click OK and then Print
  7. Login to the photocopier and select your document on the touchscreen and press Options
  8. Select Short Edge duplex printing
  9. Press Print & Delete

Or you can craft your own PDF from your personal computer with free PDF creating software and then send that to the photocopiers via email.