Printing News – Part 1 – Quotas and Charges

Printing quotas remain unchanged.

  • Undergraduates get £25.00 per academic year (equivalent of 500 pages at £0.05p per page)
  • Postgraduates get £50.00 per academic year (equivalent of 1,000 pages at £0.05p per page)

Please Note – Colour printing and photocopying will also be charged to your printing quota.

Computer room printing charges. 

  • A4 monochrome printing = £0.05p per side
  • A4 colour printing = £0.15p per side
  • A3 monochrome printing = £0.10p per side
  • A3 colour printing = £0.30p per side

Double side printing (Duplex / Long or Short Edge) will receive a discount of £0.01 per double side.  For example – a three page monochrome document printed on Long Edge will cost £0.13p (5p + 5p + 5p – 2p).

The copiers should also be smart enough to work out documents with mixed colour and monochrome pages.  For example – a three page document with one colour page and two monochrome pages which are then printed double sided should cost you £0.23p (5p + 5p + 15p – 2p).  So please be careful with documents which only have a small bit of colour (e.g. a hyperlink) as you will be charged the full £0.15p for a colour page.

Please Note – you can override the colour options and print your document in just black and white.  Send your document to the photocopier (via email or SecureRelease), login to the copiers, select your document from the touchscreen and then press the “Options” buttons. Then change the Colour Mode to B/W.