Amazon bearing Gifts – Beware

We don’t usually tell people about the latest phishing attacks but this one is so well done that I feel the need (yes the “need”!) to give you a friendly heads up!

There is a phishing email going around the inboxes of Oxford at the moment which gives the impression that is giving away complimentary Gift Cards. They are not.

BEWARE – the Redeem Voucher button (and all the hyperlinks within the phishing email) point to a TinyURL link which will take you and your computer to goodness knows where! Probably the land of unicorns, sweet smelling roses, malware, spyware and a phishing attempt to get your Amazon logon credentials.

Amazon shoppers BEWARE.

Here is a screenshot of scam email. As I said it is very well executed.
[NB. the big red “BEWARE – THIS IS A SCAM EMAIL DOING THE ROUNDS” is unfortunately not in the original email but added by me so that there is no doubt that this is a scam. 🙂  ]

Phishing Email - Amazon eGift Scam
Phishing Email – Amazon eGift Scam

Many thanks to Matt Jennings at St John’s College who brought this to my attention.