Eduroam connection issues – new certificates

IT Services updated the Eduroam / radius certificates on Tuesday (25 February 2014) which appears to be causing issues for some people (especially Apple Macs users).

Quick Fix for Apple Mac users:

1) Open System Preferences on your Mac
2) Click the Profiles icon
3) Delete the Eduroam profile – you may be prompted for your Mac password in order to delete the profile
4) Connect to Eduroam wireless network
5) You should be prompted for your username and password
6) Enter your username with appended to it eg
7) Click Continue when you are prompted to accept the Eduroam certificate – again you may be prompted for your Mac password to add the certificate
8) Job done.

Quick Fix for Windows users:

1) Right click on the wireless icon (looks like a bar graph) next to the clock on your taskbar
2) Click “Open Network and Sharing Center”
3) A window opens and you should see “Manage wireless networks” in the left hand panel – click it
4) You should now see “Eduroam” listed as a Wireless network
5) Right click the Eduroam entry and select “Properties”
6) Yet another dialogue box opens – Click the “Security” tab and then “Settings” next to the (PEAP) dropdown menu
7) Add this Radius server name to the list already there >>; << (arrows added for emphasis)
8) NB – the Radius server names are separated by semicolons like this ;
9) Now just click OK all the way out of the dialogue boxes
10) You should now be able to connect to Eduroam again (Enter your username with appended to it eg )

If you are still having problems and the above guidance didn’t help then come and see us during IT Open Hour (2.15pm to 3.15pm).