How to remove / forget a Wireless network on Windows using the Command Line

Sometimes Windows refuses to connect to a wireless network (eg Eduroam) and no matter what you do it just will not reconnect even though you have had to connected in the past to that wireless network. Grrr….

If you are within range of the specific wireless network, you can left-click on the wireless signal icon and then right-click on the Wireless network you want to remove and select “Forget”.

I have found that sometimes this doesn’t remove every trace of the wireless network, but I have found a useful command line method on Windows 10 which reliably removes a corrupted network configuration.

Press windows key+ X to call up an extremely useful menu with some very handy shortcuts to Windows tools.  Select “Run…” and then type in the box:


A scary black box will appear … this is good! You can type commands into the black box and get stuff done. 🙂

But for now, you should only need the two commands below …

Show all wireless profiles on the PC

netsh wlan show profiles

Delete a profile

netsh wlan delete profile name=”ProfileName”

(Where ProfileName is the name of the network you want to remove – NB you need to put the ProfileName in quotes)