Nexus Email Attachments – Window.showModalDialog()

As you may know Nexus email running on Google’s Chrome web browser (Windows and Mac OS X) has a problem with attaching documents to emails.

Nexus OWA (Outlook Web Access – Exchange 2010) uses a deprecated web feature called Window.showModalDialog() which first appeared in Internet Explorer 4 back in 1997!  The method creates and displays web content in pop-ups which interrupt your web browsing and require you to do something before you can get back to browsing the web – for instance – attach a document to an email in Nexus.

Window.showModalDialog() has been removed from the Web standards but some browsers may still support it, even though it is in the process of being dropped.

Google considers Window.showModalDialog() a security risk due to its age and that the method can be mis-used. They therefore removed support for it in Chrome 37 and the Window.showModalDialog() method will be removed completely in Chrome 43.

Mozilla has announced that it will also be removing support for this method, but it shouldn’t be before Firefox 39. This means that the function will be around in Firefox until about mid-June 2015.

So if you want to attach documents to your Nexus email via a web browser then you should use Internet Explorer or Safari (and for a limited time Firefox).
(We cannot find any information about when Microsoft and Apple are likely to remove support from their web browsers but we will keep you posted.)