Your Nexus mailbox is full!

[Ed – I wrote the original blog post back in 2015 when the University only gave you 2GB of email storage, how time flies! Page updated – 19 August 2020]

We used to have just 2GB of email storage and people had to carefully manage their storage, but technology has moved on and the University now has Nexus365; we now have 50GB of email storage.

If you ever receive an email threating to close your account because you are running out of storage space then it is most probably a scam email. Unless you keep very large email attachments it is very unlikely you will run out of email storage during your time in Oxford.

If you want to know exactly how much email storage you are using within Nexus365, then you can check via the Outlook Web Access settings.


If you are really running out of email storage

  1. Delete the stuff you don’t need
  2. Empty your Junk Mail folder
  3. Empty your Deleted Items folder
  4. Strip large attachments out from your mailbox
    • Download large attachments and save them to your local computer – or better still copy them to OneDrive (5TB of online storage)
    • Forward the original message back to yourself – minus the attachment – and include a reference within the email to where you saved the attachment on your local computer
  5. Delete the stuff you don’t need – this includes your Sent Items folder and any other sub-folders you have had kicking around for ages and no longer need.