Android and Oxford University VPN

Download and install “AnyConnect” (Cisco Systems, Inc)

Create a New Connection within the AnyConnect App.

  • Description: Oxford VPN
  • Server address:
  • Advanced Preferences: There is nothing to configure

You will then be prompted for your username and password.

  • Username: <YourOXFORDSSOusername>@OX.AC.UK    (eg unit1234@OX.AC.UK)
  • Password: <Your REMOTE-ACCESS-password>
    • From 26 April 2023 – you must use your OXFORD SSO credentials together with MFA
    • Unfortunately there is no way to save your username and password; you will need to enter these every time you connect.

Last tested and working on Samsung S10 / Android 9 on 4 December 2019.