fakeGoogle Phishing

If you get an email claiming your Google account will be suspended be very careful – it is most probably another phishing scam.



Sample wording from fakeGoogle phishing email
(We have seen several variations)

Service Announcement
Please confirm your Google Account details [your.email@address.here]

We have attempted to contact you on three previous occasions in regard to the European Commissions eID service Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 that requires us ‘Google Inc’ to inspect the authenticity of Google users in Europe. Because your Google ID [your.email@address.here] has now passed the deadline it’s at risk of deletion in the next 24 hours unless you complete this check.

We apologize for any inconivnece this may cause but unless this is addressed your Google ID [your.email@address.here] will be suspended from all Google services.