Plea from IT – Back up your work

Before you all run off for your festive fun can you please, please, please…


In the last couple of weeks we have had three student laptop hard disks go bad.  

Two of those laptops had recent backups (yeah!) and the third did not (sad face).

We also had a couple of corrupted Word documents. People working on their essay for four or five hours (saving regularly) but then “boom!”, laptop restarts without warning – and no document. Auto-Recovery for Word wasn’t enabled!

So here is a thought…

Consider this blog post as if it were a “close shave” with data loss – phew that was close!

What are YOU going to do to make sure that “close shave” never happens to you again?

Some of you may say … 

“Hey it’s Christmas give us a break!”
“We will sort out a backup in the New Year – fresh start and all that!”

To which I say case … I’ll see you in the New Year with your fried hard disk and I make sad face 🙁

If you want some tips on Backup then check out the Queen’s IT Blog page on Backups:

Back it up now and enjoy the Christmas vacation! 🙂