Renewing Office365 Subscriptions

Microsoft Office365 is a 12 month renewable subscription so you just need to go back to and “buy” a new free subscription.

Once you subscription is renewed you will receive an email with a temporary password – however, we have found that this temporary password doesn’t always work. So what do you do?

You can call Kivuto direct on a free phone number or you can try this (long-winded) workaround.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your OXFORD SSO credentials
  3. Click Options dropdown menu in the top right and select Your Account/Orders
  4. On the Orders & Downloads tab you will see your recent order – Click View Details
  5. Then click Get Office365
  6. This will take you to the Office365 login page.

  1. Enter your Microsoft username ( but do not login. Instead click the Can’t access your account? link below the Sign in button.
  2. This will take you to Get back into your account – Who are you? page.
  3. Your Microsoft username should already be entered
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA (the random characters bit) then and click Next
  5. You will then see a message saying your account is not enabled for password reset!
  6. However … click the link below which says If you’d like, we can contact an administrator in your organisation to reset your password for you.
  7. If you click the link a new password will be emailed to you from the administrator which will let you log into Office 365.
  8. You can now download Office365 OR if you are renewing you just need to open Word on your computer and SignIn (top right corner of Word 2016)
  9. Phew – now have a chocolate biscuit! Well done!

If your subscription is still valid and Office still refuses to work … contact Kivuto Support and explain what happened. Kivuto will send you with a new Temporary password which will allow you to login to Microsoft and create a new password.

Please note that this service is delivered by Kivuto on behalf of IT Services – all support queries need to go to or 0800 098 8436 (11am to 11pm UK time).