TT2011 : 8th Week : Finalists – Leaving Oxford

Dear Finalists 2011,


1) FINALISTS – Leaving Oxford for the last time…

What about my email? Anti-Virus? Where can I get more information?

Rather than clog up your inbox you can read it all online here :

2) RETURNERS – Coming back to Oxford on a new course next year?

OUCS will try to get the new student data by 30th June and extend all returners’ accounts to 12th November.

Double check your account status AFTER 30th June to ensure that it has been extended so that you retain access to your NEXUS email account after your “University Card” expires.

Check your “Finish Date” here :

OUCS will expect your application for next year’s course to be in the Student Record system even if you have not yet satisfied all requirements. This will be sufficient to ensure your account will be extended. Once you have satisfied all requirements, your account will be further extended to the completion date on your new University Card.

Up-to-date information should be available via Student Self Service.

If you think your details are incorrect, please ask the College Office to check on your behalf.

I’m afraid that I can’t think of anything else to add – let me know if there is something that I’ve missed!

I hope the above proves useful.

You’re on your own now – Good luck! 🙂