OUCS is changing to IT Services

On 1 August, the University’s three central IT departments – Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS), Business Services and Projects (BSP) and ICT Support Team (ICTST) – will be merging into one department called IT Services.

The purpose of the change is to provide better, more coherent services to the University.

You are unlikely to notice much change initially, except that phones will be answered IT Services, email addresses will change to @it.ox.ac.uk, and the new name and logo will start to appear on stationery. The people you normally contact will remain the same and any emails sent to the old addresses will remain valid for some time.

While they are developing the new IT Services website (http://www.it.ox.ac.uk/), you may find that you are forwarded to the existing departmental websites for further information and support, so (for the time being) your current bookmarks will continue to work.

The transition to IT Services – which is being lead by Anne Trefethen in her role as Chief Information Officer – will take about a year to complete. If you would like further information about the transition programme, please contact iccp@ox.ac.uk (ICT Central Coordination Programme).