The printing revolution has arrived!

There is a new way to print in the Moffatt Room.

Printing, Scanning and for the first time COLOUR PRINTING!!  Oh and A3.

You can now submit print jobs by email. Email printing accept :

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF

To release your print job you type in your Bod Card barcode number to login, select the document you want to print, select your options (eg no. of copies, double side print, colour etc).

Print jobs stay in the queue for 10 hours. If they haven’t been printed after that length of time they are automatically deleted from the print queue.

So now, from the comfort of your bed (or Library, or JCR, or Faculty canteen), you can send your document by email to two brand new colour photocopiers. Go and have breakfast then wander into the Moffatt Room and release the print job.

There are two devices so there shouldn’t be too much pushing and shoving from your fellow students. Also the photocopiers are much faster than the old HP printers; copies are produced around 50 pages a minute!

If you have a “new” chip enabled Bod card (all Freshers will have these) you can register your Bod card to log you in. It uses the same technology as the London Tube Osyter card. I’ve tested it and I don’t even have to take my card out of my wallet.

You can also use the copiers to scan to PDF and then email the PDF to yourself straight from the photocopier. This is going to be very useful.

More information to follow soon!