Eduroam – Speed Boost in Oxford

Over the past months, IT Services (formerly OUCS) have been reviewing the cap originally put on Location Independent Network services such as Eduroam.  Since the original cap was put in place back in 2008, wireless access has become the main medium of accessing the network for a large number of users (and in fact the only medium, in many cases) so last week they decided to run trials for increasing the rate limit.

Having monitored the increase over the past week they are satisfied that the increase is sustainable and within the capacity of the existing networks.

I am therefore pleased to announce that the cap for Eduroam has been increased to 8Mbits/s both for upload and download (up from 1.7Mbit/s!)

We recommend the Eduroam wireless network for all smartphones and tablets, and now with the cap increase you should find it acceptable for laptops as well.

We hope this meets with your approval.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.