Losing emails sent to College Mail Lists?

Maybe it went into your Junk Folder on Nexus?

You may want to add maillist.ox.ac.uk to your “Safe Senders and Recipients” list within Nexus web interface.

  1. Login into Nexus Web interface – https://owa.nexus.ox.ac.uk
  2. Click “Options” (top right) and select “See All Options” from the drop-down list
  3. Click “Block or Allow” link on the left
  4. Make sure that “Automatically filter junk e-email” is set
  5. then add
    to the Safe Senders field and click the green plus sign
  6. Add anymore domains and/or specific email addresses to the Safe Senders
  7. NB – NOW CLICK SAVE (hidden in the bottom right hand corner of the screen!)

FINALLY – you can choose the level of Spam filtering (Off, Low, Medium, High) here:


I always set mine to HIGH. 🙂

Messages which are tagged as spam are put in the “Junk E-Mail” folder, and are automatically deleted after 90 days.