UPDATE – Malicious email attachments in Oxford

Further to my email of Friday 6 November 2015 at 10pm

IT Services declared a major incident yesterday (Monday 9 November 2015) with regard to Dridex Malware infections.

IT Services have received reports of a particularly nasty piece of malware that has been attacking University and college computers running Windows by arriving in a fake email disguised as an invoice or other piece of urgent financial business. 

We are already dealing with some infections in College. 

Currently Macs and non-windows mobile devices are not affected but they can still pass on emails with infected attachments. 

Infection can only happen if you open these attachments on a Windows computer. 

If you do open the attachment the malware will be stealing information, (possibly keystrokes and screen grabs) which may well include logins to financial systems, banks, shopping websites and social media sites.

Infections are almost impossible to detect and a full hard disk wipe and re-install from scratch is the only cure. 

Please be extremely careful with emails containing Excel or Word attachments you were not expecting and check them with the sender and/or us in the IT Office if you are in any doubt whatsoever. 

If you think you have opened such an attachment PLEASE don’t be embarrassed but shut down your computer immediately contact us in the IT Office.

Public access computers (e.g. Moffatt Room or Library PC) are especially vulnerable as many people use them each day – it is a keylogger’s dream machine. 

Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have opened such an attachment especially on a public access PC.