University Registration

You must register at the start of your studies, and at the start of each subsequent Term. Failure to register has an impact on student loans and grants, council tax exemption and access to examination entry and results. You must register before Friday of Week 1 of term. You will not be able to access all of the features in Student Self Service until your University registration is complete (for instance – overseas students you will not be able to get an Enrolment Certificate for opening a UK bank account until registration is complete!). Visit the guide to registration for further information.

Student System login error message

We understand from the Student System Support team that the Registration system will only allow access from a single device at a time. If you have attempted to login from two separate devices (laptop and phone for instance) then the second login will fail – we didn’t believe it either but give it try! 🙂

Suggestions to resolving this issue:

  • Close all Web Browsers on all devices and try again from a single device
  • If this doesn’t work then try:
    • clearing the web browser cache
    • a different web browser
    • Incognito / InPrivate Browsing modes
But in the first instance – close all web browsers on all devices and try again – the old IT mantra “Turn it off and on again” might be helpful as well. 🙂
If you have tried all the above and still have issues, then it is best to call the Student System Support number on 01865 284848 – Opening Hours: 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday or drop them an email –  However, I would recommend a phone call as they can then walk you through options and you can give them real-time feedback on what is happening to your computer at login. 🙂