You can request the ability to record in Microsoft Teams by completing the form here:

Request the ability to record in Microsoft Teams

Before submitting the Recording Request Form you are required to read the policy statement on video conference recording here:

IT Services have created new help pages for:

Things to note

  1. The addition of Stream to your account is done by a daily policy push. This is an automated process and is NOT instantaneous. It may take up to 24 hours before the policy is reflected against your account so please bear this in mind before submitting an urgent request. Plan way ahead of an intended recording session.
  2. If you want to be included in the day’s run of policy changes, the ‘sweet spot’ to aim for is before 4PM every day (which is when the automated script currently does its processing of the day’s results). Get in before 4PM and you’ll be included in that night’s run. After 4PM and you’ll be included in the next day’s run.
  3. Recordings are retained against the person instigating the recording – and will exist in their Microsoft Stream instance for as long as their account is live/active. So to clarify, recordings are retained/owned by the user, not the Team they are conducting the recording in (similar to the way Forms / Flow / PowerApps work).