Eduroam, Android 11 and Samsung

A very specific issue….

TL; DR: If you cannot connect to Eduroam on a modern Samsung device, even if you tried EduroamCAT, then try again, but with a more recent EduroamCAT profile.

Get online with Eduroam

IT Services has received an alert from JISC which relates to an issue with valid credentials being rejected by Eduroam.

The conditions are extremely specific. *ALL* the following conditions need to be met to experience this problem:

  • It’s a Samsung device
  • The OS is Android 11
  • The RADIUS Authentication type is EAP-PEAP
  • The outer identity mismatches the inner identity of the authentication request.

We understand that Samsung will release a fix in due course, but in the meantime if you match the conditions above and cannot connect to Eduroam, then try the latest eduroamCAT profile (released 1st April 2021). The latest profile switches the authentication method from EAP-PEAP to EAP-TTLS. Initial reports suggest that this fixes the issue for affected clients.